What do you need help for?

Here you can find the answer on the most common support questions from our helpdesk.
If you still have questions, call our IT support at +45 71 99 32 39

Our most popular questions to our support

What do IT support cost?

We have several packages for IT support and the price depends of the needs.
Call us and let us have a talk about a support plan for you and your business.

Do you have support for private users?

Without a business support plan no, we do not provide IT support for private customers alone. If your business have a support plan, then it can be  a optionm to pay for private help too.

My backup wont run

The answer is almost everytime in the log file. A possible reason can be not enough free backup space to run and store your backup. Try to look if there is enough space.

We can not access our server?

First you have to make sure you have an active and working internet connection and your device is connected to the internet. Check you are using the correct IP or hostname. Make sure the server is online and running.Next you have to find out if your IP/host is approved for connection to the server. If not working contact us.

We have lost our password to the customer area

You just click “I forgot my password” and then a new one will be sent to the email matching your customer account in our system.

Can you help remotely?

Yes, we can sure help you via remote solution.
We have different software solutions like teamviewer to remote support tasks.

We did some changes and now everything error...

In the most situations you can have no worries. If you have a solution with us you also have a backup / restore function on the server, so you can roll back to a earlier stage of your application.

Can you help our inhouse developers?

Yes, we can for sure help your inhouse developers and IT department.
Our developers are experienced in working close together with eachother and part of an external team.

What are the hourly rate for development?

The rates are different like the solutions can be. But the rates begin from 100 euro / hour and prices depends of how long and advanced the projects are.

Do you build wordpress websites?

Yes we also build small and simple business websites without advanced features.
We do a lot of wordpress development, sure we can help you also.

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